A new restaurant in Mezzana

Lounge 34

Here too, our motto is "in harmony with nature". Our creative chef develops recipes according to the seasonality of ingredients. Drawing on the traditional culinary secrets, he combines them with innovative techniques. The strong suit is certainly the quality of the ingredients themselves, primarily sourced locally from trusted suppliers. The awesome beauty of the view makes dining at Lounge 34 a multi-sensory experience!


To enhance your ski week during the Christmas holidays, we plan to open our restaurant. During the rest of the season, we recommend the best addresses nearby - personally tested! - to taste the goodness of Trentino gastronomy and beyond.

  • Ristorante-Pizzeria Al Sole (Mezzana)
  • Ristorante Maso Burba, recommended by the Michelin Guide (Piano di Commezzadura, 1 km from our hotel)
  • Ristorante-Pizzeria Bucaneve (Commezzadura, 1 km from our hotel)